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    Mini Coax (MC) Series:


    Test Measurement Probe Cable Assembly for RF Switch Connectors
    Fully Compatible with Murata SWD MM8430-2610 SWF MM8130-2610 SWG MM8030-2610 series, Hirose MS-180 series, 100% Equivalent. Cross Reference - Murata MXHS83QE3000 MXHQ87WA3000 ; Hirose MS-180-040LP-H3 MS-180-088LP-H1.


    Miniature Coaxial Connector/Interconnect, 1.2mm Mated Height
    Fully Compatible with Murata HSC, I-PEX (IPEX, IPX) MHF4, 100% Equivalent


    Miniature Coaxial Connector/Interconnect, 3.0mm Mated Height for Robust Use
    Fully Compatible with Hirose H.FL series, 100% Equivalent


    Miniature Coaxial Connector/Interconnect, 2.0mm Mated Height
    Fully Compatible with Murata GSC series, 100% Equivalent
    Murata discontinues GSC series MM9329**/MXTK** ==> Sunridge continues to supply MCF series (with multiple cable options) as drop-in replacement to GSC.


    Board to Board Coax RF Connector, Cost Effective, Reliable Solutions
    Fully Compatible with Radiall IMP board to board RF interconnection, 100% Equivalent.


    Ultimate Miniature Coaxial Connector/Interconnect; 1.55mm Mated Height
    Fully compatible with Hirose W.FL series, 100% Equivalent.


    6GHz RF Switch Connector
    Fully Compatible with Murata SWD series, 100% Equivalent.


    Miniature Coaxial Connector/Interconnect; 2.5mm or 2.0mm Mated Height
    Fully compatible with Hirose U.FL and I-PEX (IPEX, IPX) MHF series, 100% Equivalent.


    Miniature Coaxial Connector/Interconnect System
    Fully Compatible with Murata FSC series, 100% Equivalent.