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    MCF - Series (Miniature Coaxial Interconnect, 2.0mm Mated Height)
    Fully Compatible with Murata GSC series; 100% Equivalent

    Sunridge MCF series coaxial product fulfills the rigorous requirements of high frequency RF signal transmission in digital world. In a miniature form factor of 3.0mm x 3.0mm PCB foot print by 2.0mm mated height, MCF features an advanced design that makes for optimal mechanical application, i.e., easy insertion and sturdy engagement among mating pair, and delivers a supreme performance of low insertion loss and low VSWR at 50 OHM impedance over a working frequency range from DC to 6.0 GHz. MCF offers a practical and reliable solution for interconnection from board to board or from board to panel.

    Product Spec

    • Space Economy: 3.0mm x 3.0mm PCB footprint, mated height of 2.0 mm
    • Cable Connector: designed for robust cable assembly, and perfect mating with PCB socket
    • Teflon Cable: silver plated center conductor with Teflon dielectric and jacket of 0.81mm OD to facilitate intricate cable routing where space is limited.
    • Versatility: other cable types and a variety of MCF-to-RF cable assy are available
    • PCB socket: Molded construction in one integral piece. High temp plastic housing for IR reflow.
    • Strength: Lead-in and interlock features make for easy insertion and sturdy engagement among cable connector and PCB socket.
    • Accessory: Assembly tool for easy insertion and extraction. MCF-SMA adapter for connection to network analyzer.



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