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    MCB - Series (Ultra Miniature Coaxial Interconnect System; 2.5mm or 2.0mm Mated Height)
    Fully compatible with Hirose U.FL and I-PEX MHF series, 100% Equivalent.

    Sunridge MCB series coaxial product fulfills the rigorous requirements of high frequency data transmission in digital world. Constructed in supreme Teflon coax cable and advanced mechanical design, MCB delivers high electrical performance of a typical 1.3 max VSWR measurement at 6.0GHz, while providing for a sturdy interconnection in a slim form factor of 3.0mm square footprint by 2.5mm max mated height. For tight spaced application, MCB2 plug offers an ultra low-mated profile of 2.0mm on the same MCB socket.@

    Product Spec

    • Space Economy: PCB footprint of 3.1mm x 3.0mm, mated height of 2.5mm or 2.0mm.
    • Teflon Cable: Silver plated center conductor with Teflon dielectric and jacket.
    • Application-specific cable options: from 0.81mm OD flexible cable ideal for intricate routing inside a crammed package, to 1.24mm or 1.32mm OD cable that delivers RG178 performance with space and weight saving.
    • PCB connector: Integral molded construction ensures product reliability.
    • Sturdy Connection: Lead-in and interlock features among mating pair ensure solid coupling.
    • Accessory: Extraction tool for easy replacement, and MCB-SMA adapter for tester fitting.

    MCBP-SMAJB Adapter (A MCB application for SMA-bulkhead panel mount in compact space) Application Note

    MCB Product Info


    MCBP-SMAJB Adapter



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