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    MCC - Series (6GHz RF Switch Connector)
    Fully Compatible with Murata SWD series, 100% Equivalent.

    Sunridge MCC RF switch connector addresses the increasing industrial demand where an efficient, accurate and reliable method for antenna verification on board is a must. Typical of Sunridge MC (Miniature Coaxial) RF interconnect family which consists of MCA, MCB, MCC aboard and MCD series; MCC features smaller form factor, light weight and performance up to 6 GHz.

    Product Spec

    • Space Economy: PCB footprint of 3.0mm x 3.0mm, x 1.8mm height
    • Provides a cost effective test point on production PCBA for antenna circuit performance verification.
    • Insertion loss: 0.2dB max, VSWR: 1.3 max, Isolation factor: 20 dB min (0 to 3 GHz); 15 dB min (3 to 6 GHz).
    • Notch identification for ground and input signal pads.
    • Complete offerings of test probe for production set up, and SMA adaptor for test probe calibration.
    • Custom engineering design solution available upon request.



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